Only The HITS

Only The HITS (High Impact Teaching Strategies)

‘Only The HITS (High Impact Teaching Strategies)’ is a publication showcasing highly effective teaching strategies, backed by research and anecdotal evidence.  Strategies featured in the publication target many areas, including academic learning, classroom management, behaviour, differentiated instruction, literacy, numeracy, teacher-student relationships, engagement and more.

VOLUME 1: 2018-2019

Issue 1 – 2 X 10 (Teacher-Student Relationship)

Issue 2 – Learning Centers (Differentiated Instruction)

Issue 3 – Reciprocal Teaching (Reading Comprehension)

Issue 4 – Feedback For Learning (Formative Assessment)

Issue 5 – Close Reading (Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking)

Issue 6 – Context-Based Learning (Engagement, Comprehension and Critical Thinking)

If you’ve tried any of the strategies featured in ‘Only The HITS,’ feel free to add to the conversation and share what worked for you.