Classroom Activities/Resources


Pictographic Stories (English Language Arts, Social Studies) 1-2 day activity – Tell a real or fictional story using pictographs the Sioux and Ojibway once used.  A legend of pictographs is provided, as compiled by William Tompkins.

Bio-Poems (English Language Arts, Social Studies) 1-2 day activity – A fun and easy, cross-curricular approach to writing poetry.

A Christmas Carol (English Language Arts) 2-3 day workbook – A holiday workbook that engages students in the Charles Dickens’ classic through excerpts, and concludes with a re-imagined, student-created version of ‘A Christmas Carol.’

Pair of Poems Poetry Chapter – Wordsworth Vs. Common (English Language Arts) 4-6 day poetry activity guide and rationale – Linking one of the most famous hip-hop artists and one of the most famous poets of all time thematically, and comparing their use of literary elements, while keeping in mind Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

The Holocaust (Social Studies/English Language Arts) 6-7 day workbook – A cross-curricular look at the Holocaust through various literary texts, including poetry, film, political propaganda, diary entries, news articles and more.

Civil Law Unit Plan (Social Studies/Law)  2-3 week unit plan – Based on New Brunswick curriculum.

Visual Composition With A Photography Focus (COM 1005) 1 Credit Course

Genius Hour – Digital Presentations (INF1070) 1 Credit Course – A cross-curricular ‘Genius Hour’ research activity allowing student choice and touching on all of the INF 1070 outcomes.



Only The HITS (High Impact Teaching Strategies)



Alberta Assessment Consortium Key Visual

School/Class Environment:

Creating Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning Environments – Process Guide for School Leaders

Supporting Positive Behaviour in Alberta Schools – A Classroom Approach

Working Together to Support Mental Health in Alberta Schools (Alberta Education)

FNMI Resources:

Education Is Our Buffalo – A Teachers’ Resource for First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education in Alberta

Our Words, Our Ways – Teaching First Nations, Metis and Inuit Learners