Classroom Activities/Resources

1. Pictographic Stories (English Language Arts, Social Studies) 1-2 day activity – Tell a real or fictional story using pictographs the Sioux and Ojibway once used.  A legend of pictographs is provided, as compiled by William Tompkins.

2. Bio-Poems (English Language Arts, Social Studies) 1-2 day activity – A fun and easy, cross-curricular approach to writing poetry.

3. A Christmas Carol (English Language Arts) 2-3 day workbook – A holiday workbook that engages students in the Charles Dickens’ classic through excerpts, and concludes with a re-imagined, student-created version of ‘A Christmas Carol.’

4. The Holocaust (Social Studies/English Language Arts) 8-9 day workbook – A cross-curricular look at the Holocaust through various literary texts, including poetry, film, political propaganda, diary entries, news articles and more.

5. Gardening and Plant Propagation (AGR 1050/1055)Workbook/Guide – A hands-on, multi-week approach to senior high gardening credits.