Welcome to ‘Education Is Adversity,’ my online blog and portfolio dedicated to teaching and learning in a diverse, multicultural and innovative Canadian education system.

After graduating from Simonds High School in Saint John, New Brunswick, I went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts from St. Thomas University.  In 2011, I graduated from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton with a Bachelor of Education.  My career began as a supply teacher in my home province, where I had many interesting experiences working in both urban and rural settings.  However, the reality for new teachers there was teaching jobs were scarce and full-time employment in 2016 could still be years in the making.  I made the decision to travel across Canada and take on a full time, lead teaching position in Alberta.

After a successful year teaching with High Prairie School Division No.48, I accepted a vice-principal position at a K-12 school within the division, where I also coach the senior high boys’ basketball team.

In my spare time, hobbies and passions of mine include photography, hiking, travel, reading, writing and socializing.



Email cgardner@hpsd.ca or use the form below if you wish to contact me or collaborate.


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