Welcome to ‘Education Is Adversity,’ an online blog and resource bank dedicated to teaching and learning in a diverse and innovative Canadian education system.

This website is owned and managed by Christopher Gardner, a graduate from Simonds High School in Saint John, New Brunswick.  His post-secondary experience took him to St. Thomas University to obtain a Bachelor of Arts, followed by a Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick, completed in 2011.  Mr. Gardner started his career supply teaching across southern New Brunswick for a few years, before moving across Canada and into a full-time, lead teaching position at an outreach school in Alberta, with High Prairie School Division No. 48.

After a great year working with at-risk youth, exploring a wide variety of Alberta curriculum, visiting schools throughout the province and tending to several professional development opportunities, Mr. Gardner accepted a vice-principal position at a K-12 school within the same division, where he gained a great passion for school leadership.  His third year in the High Prairie School Division No. 48 would be in yet another school leadership role, as ‘learning support teacher’ at a 7-12 school in Slave Lake, with a larger student population.  Here he would be a champion of inclusion, D.I., and literacy for all students and teachers.  His journey in Alberta, so far, has allowed Mr. Gardner to view teaching and learning from multiple perspectives, draw on wisdom from great leaders in education, and gain a solid understanding of how to breed success in school.

Mr. Gardner currently holds two permanent teaching certificates, issued by both Alberta and New Brunswick.  In his spare time, hobbies and passions include photography, hiking, travel, reading, writing, music, creating and socializing.



Email cgardner@hpsd.ca or use the form below if you wish to contact Mr. Gardner or are interested in collaboration.

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