RMSS Mini Lesson Series: Comprehension Strategies

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This document was created by the 2018-2019 teaching staff of Roland Michener Secondary School and Lakeside Outreach School, located in Slave Lake, Alberta.  It was created as a professional development project by small, interdisciplinary groups of teachers within the school, operating under the philosophy that literacy “is a shared responsibility among all educators.”  The goal of this project, which I had the opportunity to spearhead this past October, was to create mini lessons that could be facilitated within 10-15 minutes, targeting key comprehension strategies across curricula.  Mastery of the 12 comprehension strategies referred to in this collaborative document, when listening, reading and viewing media, enables deeper understanding and allows students to achieve greater success in school.

Download Now (PDF Format):

RMSS Mini Lesson Series – Comprehension Strategies

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Literacy: Comprehension Strategies
1. Set A Purpose
2. Ask Questions
3. Predict
4. Determine Importance
5. Summarize
6. Make Notes
7. Infer
8. Visualize
9. Make Connections
10. Synthesize
11. Evaluate
12. Monitor / Reflect On Comprehension

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