History Through Literature – The Holocaust

  FREE UNIT PLAN DOWNLOAD FOR TEACHERS - History Through Literature - The Holocaust The attached Unit Plan on the Holocaust explores the tragic event through the use of the following texts: Video Clip - Helga's Diary: The Holocaust Through The Eyes Of... Article - Holocaust At A Glance - National WWII Museum (U.S.A.) Poem - … Continue reading History Through Literature – The Holocaust

‘How the War on Terror Became a War on Journalism’

This past February 9 & 10, 2017, I was contractually obligated to attend my very first North Central Teachers' Convention in Edmonton, Alberta.  The two-day event was so well-planned and elaborate, compared to any convention I had attended before, and even if it wasn't in my contract to be there, I certainly would have wanted to … Continue reading ‘How the War on Terror Became a War on Journalism’